Company presentation

Our Vision 

Our mission is to provide access to patients to faster and more reliable diagnostics by enabling pathologists with rapid, safe and accurate access to paraffin blocks and slides. Our goal is to become the World leader in automation of traceability of sample management in pathology.



We are an innovation focused Company finding to fill existing gaps in pathology. We look for new and innovative solutions to help automation, workflow and digital traceability in pathology labs.

We aim to bring innovative and affordable solutions to pathology with high medical impact.

Dreampath Diagnostics was born from the growing need of having a more robust, reliable, accurate and safe access to paraffin blocks, the most precious item in a pathology lab.

All our solutions are innovative and we hold several patents in Europe, USA and Asia.

We have strong commercial network with presence in all Continents.

Dreampath is based in Strasbourg, at the heart of Europe in the Rhine Valley benefiting from a long tradition of healthcare entrepreneurs, innovation and industrialization.

All our instruments are produced locally with minimal ecologic impact and in concordance with all regulations in the Countries that we sell. Our production facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.